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We started Mother May I as a go-to for encouragement and support to all new mothers, especially those dealing with postpartum depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and loss. 

We know from experience how scary and isolating it can be, but we have found that a supportive community and words of affirmation have been so helpful for us. 

Our goal is to help other women who are suffering. Mother May I is a nonprofit organization selling an apparel line displaying affirmations that resonate with us. 

All of our profits with be donated towards other initiatives supporting maternal mental health.


Click the sub pages titled "Kayla" & "Michelle" to read our personal stories.  

Thank you to everyone for reading this and allowing us the space to share our stories. We have found an immense passion in sharing and creating Mother may I, which is filling our hearts with excitement and joy. The desire to share our stories, help others, and give back is all a part of our healing journey. We are full of hope for what the future brings. 

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