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Gratitude Affitmation Cards

Gratitude Affitmation Cards

The more you focus on your positive feelings, the more fulfilment you will attract into your life. Gratitude Affirmation Cards encourage you to take time out each day just for that, even if just for a few minutes.

Gratitude opens up the way to a fulfilled life, focusing on the positive things we already have is a way to attracting even bigger and better things. Our gratitude cards help make gratitude a part of your everyday, and are there to remind you to be grateful when you most need it.

Here are some ideas to use them:

-Pick a card each morning, or whenever you need a boost during the day

-Keep them in your diary or calendar

-Set up a vision board with some (or all!) of the cards and add in other things that bring you joy

-Place a card in your mirror or fridge

-Carry them with you to practice gratitude wherever you go

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